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New Zealand is a land of spectacular beauty, diverse terrain and a strong pioneering spirit. Share in the timeless traditions of innovation and quality that are rooted in the craftsmanship of the winemakers of New Zealand.

Throughout the world’s great wine regions, it is the artisan winemakers who craft the most exceptional wines. Look to the owners whose strong hands are no strangers to the soil, whose name sits on the bottle, whose personality is captured in each wine.

New Zealand is home to about 550 wineries and approximately 480 of them produce less than 25,000 cases per year. This means that wines from over 85% of New Zealand's producers are in the early days of finding their way to the USA. Within this group are numerous Cult Wines waiting to be discovered!

Imagine Napa without the back roads...Bordeaux without its right bank. Without artisan producers, the New Zealand wine scene would lack the memorable bottles that create your special evenings. These classic boutique New Zealand jewels complement food and friends and will make you smile!

Discover the magic of New Zealand wines and the real people behind them.

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